Friday, October 31, 2008

Tudung bidang 38 (90cm x 90cm)

Viscose + Silk

This tudung is quite soft, so,

we suggest u to wear it in a 'lilit-lilit' way

RM10 each!!!

1. Light Maroon
2. Dark green

Tudung Bidang 38 (90cm x 90cm)
Fabric: Polyester

One for RM10 only;)

1. sweet flower

2. Sweet Swirl



Clearance SALE!!!!
RM10 each only:)

Material: Viscose
1. Black and white
2. Maroon
3. Light Brown

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

*Item 09*
PDI Green Top
Size : M
Used but in good condition
Yours @ only Rm10

*Item 10*
Black bag
Used once only
Yours @ only Rm15

Friday, October 24, 2008

Preloved (Part III)

*Item 06*

Purple gipsi top
Brand New!!!
Fits size S and small M
Yours @ only Rm15


*item 07*

Googles Red Stripes Top
Used twice only
Size : M
Yours @ only Rm13

*Item 08*

Red Cardigan
Size : S
Brand : Acardia
Used but in good condition
Cotton material and strechable
Yours @ only Rm12

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2nd Hand Items!!!(Part II)

*Item 04*

Padini Stripy Blue shirt
Size: S
Used once only
Yours @ only Rm28

*Item 05*

Lovely Tree Maroon Top
Brand : Baleno
Yours @ only Rm12

2nd Hand Items!!!

buy 2 or more from 2nd hand item = free shipping!!!!
*Item 01*

P&Co authentic greenish long sleeve
Size: Medium
Used once only:)
yours @ only Rm20


*Item 02*

Padini Authentic Greyish top
Size: M
Used twice only;)
Yours @ only Rm13


*Item 03*

Stripy cardigan
bought from one of the blogshop
used once;)
yours @ only Rm28